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  • Our objective is to provide our investors attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in a diversified portfolio of EU-based solar energy infrastructure assets

  • ESG is integrated across our business and investment strategy

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About Us

About Hephaestus II Fund

We believe that solar energy has a pivotal role to play in responding to the challenge of rapidly increasing energy demands, while also addressing the global climate agenda.

We are committed to our mission of generating a more sustainable future and we actively aim to incorporate and align our investment process and operational practices with ESG values.

Why Hephaestus II Fund







Why invest in Solar Energy?

Ulimited Energy Source

More solar energy reaches the earth in 1 hour than the total being used by the global population in a year

Proven and cost-effective technology

Consistent, round the year solar irradiation captured with long lasting equipment (25-40 years), which have low operating and maintenance costs.

Climate change solution

Solar energy is key to achieving CO2 emission reduction targets through the generation of clean electricity.

Our ESG Investing Values


We contribute to the global efforts towards a zero carbon, sustainable future


Our investments positively impact the communities in which our solar parks are located


We always act in consistency with the values articulated in our code of conduct, maintaining relationships and transparent communication with our investors and key stakeholders.

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